I am embarking on a completely new journey – blogging!

Those that know me can confirm I am very chatty! Even in high school, when my history teacher was assigning new seats, he said “Oh Lauren, I can either sit you next to your best friend where you will talk all the time, or… I can sit you next to a total stranger and you will still talk!” – he wasn’t wrong. I still love to talk after all these years, and I am hoping that translates well into writing!

You are invited to join me as I ramble on about our playroom adventures! The stars of the show are my two children: Lily, who turned four in January, and Ethan who turned one in March. They love engaging in activities and expressing their creativity through open-ended toys.

Not only are the kids loving these toys and activities, but I also believe I am providing a strong foundation for developmental growth. Research into the development of children shows that play-based learning fosters creativity, and helps children develop mathematical, linguistic, and spatial skills. (NAEYC, 2017)

Play is all around us, and the children know that. Their desire to play stems from their aspirations to better understand the world around them. There are so many real-world opportunities for them to explore and learn – building letters with sticks, practicing writing in the sand, cutting a sandwich into a shape or letter – the possibilities are endless. To us, the fun is in unlocking your creativity and thinking outside the box.

On this blog, you’ll mostly find wooden toys – without batteries, flashy lights, or sounds. We truly believe in the developmental benefits these toys and activities can offer our children, and would love to share our experiences with you!

Before becoming a mom, I was a cosmetologist. (are you seeing the pattern of chattiness?) I’m now a stay-at-home mom, and even on our craziest days, I wouldn’t change it at all.

Welcome to Playroom Activities!

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