Five Helpful Reasons Kids Benefit From Toy Rotation

Toy Rotation is key to simplifying play for your child. When you have your first child, it’s fun to relive your childhood years by buying them toys you wish you’d had as a child or any new thing that excites you. Watching your child’s excitement when they receive these new toys fuels that desire to buy more and more. However, when so many of the toys offered by normal retailers only offer one mode of play, children become bored with them, and the closets start getting full. Rotating your collection of open-ended toys keeps the creativity flowing in your child’s mind.

Reasons Kids Benefit From Toy Rotation

    As an adult, I struggle with clutter. Clutter in the home gives me a sense of stress and anxiety. As you can probably relate, walking into a tidy kitchen in the morning starts my day off better, and I find I am able to complete my tasks much easier.

    I try to think of the playroom as my children’s work space; no one wants a messy desk, or an email inbox overflowing with tasks. Those sources of chaos clog up the brain.

    When you walk into a clean, organized space you can fully devote your attention to the tasks at hand. The organization and rotation of toys helps children dive into their imagination without feeling overwhelmed by choice or surrounded by clutter.

    Benefits of Toy Rotation

    • Easier Cleanup
    • Increased Independent Play
    • Increased concentration
    • Less need for more
    • Utilizing all toys

    Easier Cleanup

    Cleanup is a struggle for many kids, and toy rotation is a great tool in your kit to help them succeed. When there are fewer items out, children use fewer toys, which means there are fewer things to put away. Having a dedicated space for each toy makes cleanup a lot easier as well.

    We typically do a quick tidy before lunch and a playroom cleanup before dinner. I feel it helps to teach the kids to take care of their belongings and a sense of ownership and responsibility. Plus, as I have mentioned before, walking into a clean space just gives a sense of relaxation and clarity.

    Independent Play

    If a child is able to locate their toys, they are much more likely to dive in and play with them. Independent play is so beneficial to both the child and the parent. A child tapping into their imagination and being able to express thoughts, fears, wonders, etc is so powerful. All the while, having a few minutes of independent time as the supervising adult gives you time to prioritize your own day and relax a bit. The quiet downtime gives you the refresh you need to charge up your battery and be ready to tackle the questions, boo-boos, and struggles that can arise later in the day.

    Increased Concentration

    Increasing independent playtime often also fosters a deeper level of concentration. The ability to focus on a single task from a young age is immensely valuable to the growing mind. Improved concentration has been shown to improve memory, self confidence, and provides better control over emotions. ***

    Less Need For More

    With toy rotation, you also reduce your child’s desire to buy new toys. When a toy has been packed away and then reappears, the child treats it is as if it is new! I utilize book rotation as well. I typically plan a theme for our week and plan a few activities around the same theme. When I rotate books, I like to face the cover out. Displaying the book covers is so much more appealing to a young reader! Seeing one hundred book spines on a shelf doesn’t create the invitation to explore the content. Not everyone rotates their toys and books weekly, but most people who rotate toys and books do so at least every 2-4 weeks.

    Utilizing All Toys

    The best part about rotation is truly getting to fully utilize the books and toys that you own. We have a few staple sets and books that are always out, but their location in the room might change. Rotation also allows for toys that might get shoved into a bin and lost to become the star of the show again.

    Click here to see an instagram post with more information on how we rotate our toys!

    Happy Playing.

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