Bookish Play

For the longest time while reading to Lily it was more like reading to myself out loud. Lily is full of energy and even as a toddler was so busy running that she did not want to sit through a story. However knowing the importance of reading, we continued reading even if it was like reading to myself. She is now four and a half and recently has really taken an interest in books. Her favorite series currently is The Princess In Black. You can find the series here along with some of our other favorite books. Reading to children is so important. According to Kids Health,

“Before children can read by themselves, they need early literacy skills. These include:

  • having a large vocabulary of words and knowing how to use them
  • understanding that words are made up of smaller sounds (called phonemic awareness)
  • understanding that marks on a page represent letters and words
  • knowing the letters of the alphabet

You don’t need games, flashcards, or special instruction for a toddler to learn these skills. Reading to kids as often as possible is the best way to help them learn to read by themselves. “

The other day while reading The Princess in Black and the Mysterious Playdate (book #5) Lily noticed a castle the Princess in Black and her friend had built. Instantly Lily said, “Mom, I want to build this castle too!” Cue the invitation to play set up. I couldn’t wait to gather materials and follow her lead. Moments like these are ones that I value so much; they help to show Lily she is heard, her interests are of importance to me and that I am excited to explore with her. Having a younger sibling adds limitations as far as things we can do at certain times and it is understandably challenging for her as a young child. Her whole role in the family is different no matter how much we try to keep things the same. I love when the opportunity is presented for me to show her how important she is to me.

The Unicorn represents the character Blacky, the purple Lola piece is the Princess in black and the Dragons are the monsters. We used the Lola cylinders as the princess’ secret chute and I’m convinced we now need wooden goats.

Items used:

  • Grimms 1001 Nights
  • Grimms Basic Building set
  • Grimms Stepped Roofs
  • Grapat Lola
  • Ostheimer Unicorn
  • Holztiger Dragons
  • Bauspiel Colour Street Blocks

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