Playroom Update

With the current situation around the world and so many of us on lockdown, I am sure many of you can relate to having the desire to complete a project. We spend so much time in our playroom and having two children our collection of toys has multiplied. After having our cubby style shelving for years, I decided it was time for a change. Not only did I replace our one shelf, I decided to add a second and I could not be more thrilled. Below are a couple before photos of our play space.

The search for the perfect shelf went on for a bit of time but I knew I wanted to switch to an open shelf. I enjoy setting up various small world scenarios for the children and the cubbies began to restrict the setups. I then came across the IKEA PS 2017 and instantly fell in love. After some shipping delays, we finally have both shelving units. Our main shelf is one that we rotate toys on weekly; this allows the toys to stay exciting and refreshed. The second shelf I now used to store different building sets that we use often. We love open-ended toys and a huge benefit is that one toy can be so many things. For instance, I have stated before we don’t have play food but instead use various blocks or loose parts as food; because of our toys having multiple uses we are able to keep many of them out and just change their location. The items I rotate in and out are more Montessori resources. Before getting the second shelf, we were using our Kidcraft train table to store our different sets. The train table has been used for so many things in our playroom, but mostly not as a train table. It now holds our Ikea dollhouse and has space for more small world setups. The train table can be found here. During the playroom update, we finally got rid of our play kitchen. The kitchen never got much use in our home and took up so much real estate. In place of the kitchen I will often set up our pikler triangle, ramp, and double rainbow rocker to be used instead; the ramp as a flat surface connecting both the pikler and rocker can become anything with imagination. It has been used as everything from a unicorn to an ice cream stand. You can find the pikler and rocker here.

The room feels so much more open and we have more room to play and build. In addition to those benefits, a playroom refresh just makes the room feeling exciting again for the kids. For more about our playroom adventures, follow us on instagram!

Ikea PS 2017 Shelves

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