Cardboard DIY Popsicles

We recently started a special “late night Friday” with our four year old daughter. We noticed she was craving solo time with us and a special night would give my husband and myself an opportunity to engage in age appropriate activities with her without the concern of our our one year old while doing so. The first Friday night all she wanted was for us to build legos; it has been a great addition to our weekly routine.

For our most recent late night, I set up a special craft. I used leftover cardboard from a recent delivery and wanted to reuse it for something fun. The idea of cardboard popsicles came to mind so I proceeded to cut out a few different shapes to represent our popsicles. We used acrylic paint and rainbow rice to decorate the popsicles. For a recipe on how to make rainbow rice, click here.

My daughter was so excited to decorate these popsicles and was even more excited that we were all doing it together. The moments when your child’s eyes light up, you just know you are creating special memories not only for them but for yourself also. This craft was very inexpensive and easy to prep. The rice we keep on hand for sensory bin fillers and the cardboard was recycled! The only “expense” was the paint we used which we also already had. Acrylic paint worked best for us to cover the cardboard and I used a hot glue gun to attach the popsicles to their “sticks.”

We let the pops fully dry and then used them for an invitation to play set up. We recently created an ice cream set up (you can view it here) and it was very well liked. I wanted to recreate something similar but using our own DIY craft. Lily was ecstatic when she walked in the room and saw it. This was also one of the first times that she and Ethan played together. For this set up, I had a cash register and Grapat coins set out. Ethan was giving Lily one coin and then getting to pick one item from her stand. This was a great way to begin introducing numbers and basic counting to Ethan and explore money a bit more with Lily.

For more about our invitation to play, check out my latest instagram post!

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