It’s A Small World After All

Being cooped up has started to take its toll on our crew. This week presented a few more challenges for us. In my opinion, regardless of how fun your toys are, a change of scenery is still needed every so often. We are in North Carolina and it gets rather warm so we utilized water play time outside. I assembled a fun DIY water table/mud kitchen set up, be on the lookout for a post with more information on that. The change of scenery and fresh air helped everyone’s mood. In addition to playing outside, I also set up a few more small world surprises. My four year old gets really excited when she walks in the room and finds a surprise build. When Lily found this particular small world she began singing a song:

“Making something…

is one way to say..

I love you.” -Daniel Tiger

When she began singing the song, I asked her where she had learned it. She mentioned Daniel Tiger (love that show) and then she proceeded to tell me that when I make her these small world set ups, she feels loved and happy. Cue my heart melting. It was a great reminder that there are many ways to express our love to one another and our actions have so much meaning.

This setup was a lot of fun to build, I used two of the Grimms storage trays as my floors. Listed below are the sets used to create this small world.

Sets used:

  • Grimms Large Stepped Pyramid
  • Grimms 1001 Nights
  • Grimms Bridges
  • Bauspiel Colour Street blocks
  • Waytoplay Expressway
  • Ostheimer Meadow
  • Holztiger Oak Tree
  • Papoose Spring Trees
  • Ostheimer Unicorns
  • Grapat Tomtens
  • Grimms Friends
  • Grimms Rainbow Cars
  • Holztiger Animals
  • Avdar Pond

These two played well together; Ethan managed to give Lily enough time to explore and play before he knocked the entire second floor walls down. He achieved this victory by placing a hairbrush in and then wanting to retrieve it. This is a common occurrence during Lily’s play and I know as a four year old that is challenging for her. We have plenty of moments where she shows her frustration but the moments where she is able to be patient and understanding I feel even more proud. Of course with that said, I always try to phrase it as “aren’t you proud of yourself?” I never want my children to feel as though they need to live up to my standards. I want my children to grow and flourish into their own true identity. I am very much a believer in being organic and I hope they always seek self-assurance versus looking for reassurance from others.

And there you have it, a wild tangent in my small world blog post. Ha! Happy playing.

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