DIY Water Play

Living in North Carolina we experience a decent amount of heat making water play a must throughout the summer. We love to spend time outside and this is the easiest way to make sure the kids are cool while doing so. I have contemplated a mud kitchen for a while but have gone back and forth on where we would put it. We have a traditional water table but I feel like the kids get bored and it isn’t as open ended as I would like it to be. After seeing and outdoor water table on both Carrie and Rachel’s instagram and could not help but join in on the fun. This easy DIY table is made from a shoe rack I found on amazon that you can find a link to here.

This table is the perfect height for toddlers but my four year old never complained once. I have included a water dispenser, a Flisat container, two small cake pans, our Maple + Lark Mud Kitchen Pouring Bowls and then a basket to include cups, spatulas and spoons. The kids had so much fun doing everything from making potions to creating a personal wading pool in a container.

As an addition to our water table play, I added edible flowers I found at the store. This added even more fun to their potion creativity. They both sampled the flowers though neither one was too fond of the taste- ha!

The water dispenser is great because the kids love putting treasures inside and the opening is large enough for them to reach in and fetch their treasures as well. Scooping and pouring keeps both children occupied for a decent length of time; I make sure there are plenty of options for a variation of empty containers. A recycled soap dispenser and paintbrushes have been a great addition to their play. I have so many ideas of ways to utilize this play station, a few ideas I have in mind are:

  • Adding play animals to bathe
  • Adding sea animals for ocean play
  • Color mixing adding liquid watercolor or food coloring
  • Glass beads
  • Water beads

This table and water dispenser cost just under $50.00 and we will get so much use out of them this summer. I also plan to repurpose the bench when we aren’t using it for water play to store snowy or muddy boots. While I love having a pool to fill up for the kids, sometimes that feels like such an endeavor; this is such a quick and easy set up. Mom win in my opinion!

Happy playing!

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