Homeschool Target Supplies

It is no secret that the Target “dollar section” is my weakness; I believe it is now referred to as Bullseye’s Playground. The back to school items are always fun to stock up on for educational activities throughout the year. This year, I was especially excited for the back to school materials as we are beginning our Homeschool journey. Be on the lookout for a post about our curriculum we have chosen but in this post I will talk about some of the fun finds from Target.

  1. Storage: I love organization, it makes me feel so calm and relaxed; this will be key to my personal success with homeschooling. I need things to have a place and to be able to easily access our resources for activities. I found these book boxes, zipper pencil pouches, wire basket and wicker basket on my most recent target run.

The narrow black book box was great to organize paper, coloring pages, and workbooks. This allows for the paper to have a designated area while helping to prevent it from getting bent. The zipper pencil pouches were such a valuable resource to organize materials. I got the idea from a friend, April’s instagram. I used these cases to store a variety of materials: markers, dry erase supplies, crayons, sensory supplies, scissors, glue, and so much more! The wire basket was the perfect container to hold large wooden resources and the wicker basket holds our Grapat loose parts perfectly.

2. Dry Erase supplies: Dry erase markers are a great resource for us so that we can use our items multiple times. I found the writing board with the drawing area and could not resist, this will be great for story telling. I plan to use the “things to do” board to outline our weekly goals for each day. I don’t intend on having an intense workload, play is still the most important in my opinion, but having goals will help us with our routine. The Memo Clips are great to place on each storage container and label what is inside. Lastly, dry erase pockets are great for worksheets, I grabbed a few of these because they were only $1.

3. Art Distplay: I also found these large wooden clips that will be perfect to display artwork or using as a play for pictures to dry. They have 2 holes on the back to secure them to the wall.

Below is an easy hack to hang the clips, or any multiple nail hole item without having to put a bunch of holes in your wall.


  • First apply one long piece of tape along the back of your item
  • Next poke your nail into the designated locations on the tap
  • Remove tape and apply onto the wall where you would like to hang your object
  • Hammer nails into the pre-made holes
  • Remove the tape and hang your object

I don’t know how I have gone so long without knowing this hack but it is going to save so many holes in my walls!

4. Storage Clips: Additional clips I found are these magnetic clips and extra large paper clips. The magnetic clips will be great to use on the side of the fridge. Another thought is to use the magnetic clips on a baking sheet for matching activities. I could not resist the extra large paper clips; these will be great to keep our place inside of workbooks.

5. Paper: This is the best time to stock up on composition books because they are only .59 at Target. Lily has had a lot of interest in rhyming lately so I also grabbed this rhyming workbook as I tossed everything in Bullseye’s playground into my cart.

Our shelving system is the Better Homes and Garden cubby system which can be found here and is paired with the Better homes and Garden fabric containers. I am waiting for a couple containers to arrive and then I will post a full view of our area. Also, be on the lookout for a post about our curriculum and how we plan to homeschool. Happy playing!

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