Homeschooling Daily Rhythm

I am anxious to get our first year of homeschooling off and running but at the same time I do not want to rush our down time. I have been taking time to plan out our year and what daily rhythm will work best for our household. To me preschool is just slowly introducing a schedule and structure, I am not as concerned about what Lily is learning. Habitat Schoolhouse’s curriculum is perfect for us because it is hands-on and interactive.

I have seen a lot of conversation about morning baskets and I love the concept. Essentially having a basket to signal the start of a homeschooling day and gathering to learn together. As we begin to ease into the idea of school I plan to have our version of a morning basket. I plan to incorporate a story we can read together, something active, and an option for independent work time. I feel having a variety, I can get a feel for what Lily seems to gravitate towards most and what will set her up for the best school day.

For our first basket I have included a book that Lily loves, The Princess in Black and The Hungry Bunny Horde by Shannon Hale. This is an option for us to interact together if she would prefer it but also included is the book Yoga Bug which compares various yoga positions to bugs. This book is a great option for her to be active either together or independently. Story stones will be an independent play option. Lily can sit and make up stories for an extended period of time with these stones. I gathered some of her favorites so she will be excited.

Another addition to our daily rhythm is to go over a daily chart. This chart will help Lily to understand the months, days of the week, and weather. We received this printable in our Back to School Bundle from Habitat Schoolhouse. The months can be attached to the chart with velcro and there is an invitation to practice writing for both the date and day of the week.

An important portion of our day is getting outside. During warmer months we aim to get outside early. This time to explore nature, ride bikes, swing, etc. has such a huge impact on our whole day. I always notice a difference at bedtime if we did not get adequate time outside. In addition to the physical activity, there is so much nature to explore and appreciate, so many great teaching moments. Outdoor play is the epitome of open ended play and there is so much creativity that takes place.

For now, our work time will be around lunch time. This has been our current routine of when we do activities and experiments because Ethan is napping. This time has always been special to Lily because it is solely her one-on-one time. As Ethan gets older, we can shift this and start to have work time together. Besides the things I have listed above our day will involve lots of play and reading! Follow our journey on instagram!

Happy playing!

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