Holiday Gift Guide

This year, more than ever, everyone seems to be getting a head start on their holiday shopping! A wise move in my opinion with the current demand on products. I know many shops will be doing restocks in early fall and it will be a great time to grab those holiday gifts! Below I will Include some of my favorite shops and age based recommendations. An affiliate code I have to offer you is Lauren10 at Happy Monkey Shop and it will save you $10.00 off of $50.00 or more.

Baby Gift Ideas:

  1. Lovevery Subsciption box : Our Lovevery subscription has been one of my favorite things for Ethan. We started these when he was close to 8 months old but I wish we had started sooner. Each box comes with a book that includes information on milestones baby will be hitting and things you can do to encourage development. The toys are beautifully made and even Lily at 4 loves them. Check out the Lovevery subscriptions here.

2. Grimms Rainbow Cars: These cars are great for grip and they are so fast! The variety in colors gives options to use them for color recognition as baby grows. A great toy to encourage gross motor skills. An alternative to these cars are the Hape wooden vehicles that can be found here under toys. Our Grimms cars we got from The Happy Lark.

3. Object Permanence Box: This is great for hand eye coordination and also to help baby understand that although they cannot see something, it still exists. Our object permanence box was Ethan’s favorite toy for the longest time. Our object permanence box came from a Lovevery kit.

4. Babynoise Instruments: Music is such a fun thing for little ones to explore. Happy Monkey Shop just started carrying beautiful Babynoise instruments and the kids are loving them. You can find a selection of instruments here.

Toddler Gift ideas:

  1. Holztiger Animals: These animals are not only adorable but also hand painted. The details are beautiful and the kids have so much fun playing with these. There are opportunities to have conversations about habitats, animal sounds, names of baby animals, colors, etc. Maple+Lark and Happy Monkey Shop both carry a variety of Holtziger.

2. Pikler Triangle: We have the Wiwiurka Pikler and Double Rainbow Rocker and both are loved and used daily. If I had to pick just one, I would opt for the pikler. The kids love to get their energy out on it when we are trapped inside. The combination of the pikler and the rocker is great for obstacle course fun.

3. Grimms Large Stepped Pyramid: This is a great investment set that will be used for years to come. At 17 months, Ethan uses these blocks to position in lines, make towers, make music, and more. Sign up for notifications of restocks, but you can check The Happy Lark, Bella Luna Toys and The Wooden Wagon.

4. Play Silks: Sarah’s Silks playsilks are so whimsical. We love to use these for dress up, to dance with music, lacing activities, and more! The silks are available in a variety of sizes and patterns. These are available in my Amazon shop.

5. Grapat Lola: This set is a great fine motor play set with many opportunities for creative play. I would recommend putting the smallest piece away until the child is older. Grapat does suggest this set for 3 and over.

6. Chalkboards: Chalk Full of Designs offers alphabet, number and name chalkboards along with various other styles. These are a fun and educational gift! Check them out here.

7. Stepping Stones: A great gross motor activity to use indoors, these can be found in my amazon shop and are comparable to the Gonge brand stepping stones. These are our favorite when the floor is lava or we are setting up an obstacle course.

Children’s Gift ideas:

  1. Fagus Vehicles: These vehicles are large and built so well with a variety of functions. Great for creative play. We got ours from The Wooden Wagon.

2. Grapat Mandalas: Loose parts are great to use for both educational play and creative play. These are one of our most often utilized resources. Check for Maple+Lark’s restock in September.

3. Waytoplay Roads: These flexible roads are great for indoor and outdoor play. They can easily be washed in the dishwasher and are an all around great time! Available at Happy Monkey Shop.

4. Grapat Tomtens: Our favorite little peg dolls are our Grapat Tomtens.

5. Maileg Mice: The cutest little mice that come in various sizes and styles. These are perfect stocking stuffers! Maple+Lark has a great selection available.

6. Magnetic Tiles: We use Picasso Tiles and have been really pleased with the build quality and magnet strength. These can be found in my amazon shop under toys.

7. Bauspiel Color Street, Windows or Translucent Cubes: Beautiful light reflecting blocks, the windows you can see through whereas the blocks are solid on one side with gems on the other. The cubes are a beautiful acrylic that are beautiful in the light, a must have for the kids! We order our Bauspiel from Happy Monkey Shop.

8. Papoose Trees: These trees are great for small world set ups and are well loved by both my toddler and four year old. We just ordered the Winter trees to add to our collection, check out Happy Monkey Shop’s selection here.

9. Grimms 1001 Nights: This set is beautiful and offers a variety of shapes and sizes. This is one of our most used sets, especially to build castles! I managed to get our set during a Happy Lark restock.

For more gift ideas, check out my amazon shop and browse a variety of books, toys and games. Please feel free to reach out if you can any questions and happy playing!

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