Mystery Fizzing Colors

Even when my daughter is under the weather but she is always up for an experiment. I look for an activity that is low key and also easy to set up. We limit screen-time but while she is sick that is lifted a bit to keep our high energy girl resting. To switch things up, I set up this mystery fizzing colors experiment. I was inspired to try this after seeing my friend Shawna’s children love a similar experiment. You can see her post here.

The set up for this experiment was so quick and easy; cleanup was easy too, everything rinsed right off! To begin setup I layered some colors spontaneously around the bottom of a cake pan and then covered with a thin layer of baking soda. For color, I used liquid watercolor that can be found here or you could easily use food coloring.

Items needed:

  • Small Dish– I used a small cake pan
  • Droppers– mine are disposable and can be found here under sensory but medicine syringes would work as well
  • Liquid Watercolor or Food Coloring
  • Baking Soda
  • Vinegar

How to:

  1. Add liquid watercolor to your dish
  2. Cover in a thin layer of baking soda
  3. Set aside droppers and container of vinegar
  4. Invite your little one to explore and fill the dropper with vinegar
  5. Watch for mystery color fizzy eruptions!

The reaction of vinegar and baking soda never gets old and the added benefit of fine motor work using the dropper is great. This kept Lily busy long enough to break up the day and she really enjoyed the surprise colors. I kept our color palate to red, blue and purple; this allowed up to reinforce that when red and blue mix they make purple. I am always looking for organic ways to incorporate bits of education into play. It is said that skills are learned much faster through play.

This could easily be done using a muffin tin with individual colors or using colored vinegar cups! Towards the end of play Lily added some extra liquid water color on top of our baking soda and decided to empty the remainder of our vinegar for a grand finale fizzy erruption; it was so fun and she was so pleased with herself.

Please note, if using food coloring this activity is taste safe but not one to eat. Baking soda can be harmful if ingested in larger quantities. Happy playing!

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