Simple Math Play

Numeracy is an important skill for everyday activities, logical thinking, and reasoning. In an attempt to form a deeper understanding of whole numbers, we have been digging into the basic concept. We have incorporated two simple math resources that are making learning both organic and fun. As we navigate through the days of a pandemic and unique learning environments I think it is important we are easy on ourselves. As parents it is important we remember everyone is going through this but also to surround ourselves with resources to make learning fun and accessible. For simple math our two favorite resources have been Grapat Mandalas and Sumblox.

Grapat Math

Loose parts are resource we utilize for math often. Our Grapat Mandala pieces have been useful for practicing counting, sorting, and pattern work. In addition to our loose parts, we have enjoyed a ten frame printable found on Etsy, the owner Dana is lovely and you can view all of her items here. The ten frame has been a visual we often refer to for numeracy and has presented the opportunity to expand Lily’s basic understanding of math concepts. A ten frame is a great way to give children a more concrete understanding of numbers and values versus just memorizing them. While completing activities we have had conversations about number values, addition, subtraction, and even or odd numbers. Slowly we have been introducing the concept of odd and even numbers with the basic summary of an even number can be divided into two piles and have the same number of items in each pile. The mandalas displayed on the frame gave a great visualization and hands on opportunity to explore this concept.

Sumblox Math

Sumblox are another exciting addition to our block collection and numeracy journey. These blocks give a great visual for math concepts like addition, subtraction, multiplication and numerical order while providing a fun and hands-on approach to learning. In addition to their learning benefits, for each set purchased a tree is planted. Each block has a unique size to represent its number value and when stacked accordingly, the blocks with match if equal. An example would be if two 5’s were stacked on top of one another they would stand even next to a 10 because they equal the same value. Not only are these blocks great for learning but they are also fun for building and imaginative play. We have used our Sumblox as ice cream cone stands, dollhouse furniture and even a drink dispenser. The possibilities are endless and Sumblox are a great example of fun, open ended learning resources. Sumblox can be found in my Amazon store under the toys category, click here!

Happy playing!

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