Grapat Lola: The Set You Need

The Grapat set Lola has been selling out extremely quick and a lot of people are wondering if it is worth the stress. We were fortunate enough to preorder Lola when it was first released and missed the restocking stress but I am here to tell you this is a set you need. We have had our Lola set for about four months and have used it in a variety of ways.

What makes it so great?

Lola is the perfect open-ended toy. Is the color portion supposed to be clothes or a hat, facing up or facing down? It is something people often have a strong preference on but not all agreeing with one another. The cylinders and tubes are perfect for fine motor work and the variation in sizes is great for sorting and classifying. Sorting and classifying are important math skills. Learning these skills through play early on is beneficial for establishing a strong foundation. Besides the open-ended and educational aspect, Lola is just inviting. The colors are bright, the cylinders are adorable and the play is limitless.

Do I need a complete set?

Splitting sets has been a popular trend but personally we prefer to keep our complete set. I put a few colors out at a time and keep the others stored away in the toy rotation closet. The exception is if we are building and we want to incorporate more into our small world. My children love to create little families out of the various size pieces. In a complete set of Lola you receive three of each color tubes; one tube is open on both ends, the second has one opening and the last is a solid piece. There are twelve colors and a small, medium and large cylinder person for each color. I don’t think we would be able to pick colors to part with because we love them all.

We already have peg people.

Lola is completely different from a peg doll. The shape of Lola is perfect for little hands and easy to grip. Lola people and Grapat Tomtens are the most used people in our playroom. The unique part about Lola is the versatile shape, it does not have to be a person. One of our favorite setups was a frozen pops stand. We had decorated cardboard popsicles and as we set up the invitation to play, we decided Lola people would be perfect popsicles! The kids had a blast and this was one of the first times the two of them really played together. Lily was behind the register and Ethan was the customer, bringing a Grapat coin to Lily and getting to pick a popsicle each time.

Where can I get Lola?

A lot of restocks have already happened but keep your eyes open for the Maple and Lark restock, be sure to sign up for their restock emails!

Are you convinced?

If you scroll through our instagram there is no doubt we love Grapat Lola, but you can see our introduction to Lola post here. In this post there is a size comparison and an example of each piece included in the set. If you are on the hunt for Lola, goodluck!

Happy playing!

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