The Importance of Reading to Children

Reading books is an important part of our daily rhythm and everyday learning. We follow a mostly play-based learning style and the concepts my oldest has grasped from books always amazes me. Reading offers a number of benefits for children including vocabulary building, knowledge of the world around them and different cultures, developing imagination, and a great bonding opportunity.

My oldest, Lily, is a high energy child and when she was a toddler she struggled to sit still as we read books. We continued to read while she would run back and forth across the room. As she grew, her attention span has expanded and she loves to be read to currently. She is now four years old and we have found reading is a great way to reset when behavior starts to become challenging. A few minutes of snuggling up and focusing on a book fill her with the attention she is seeking and allow us to not have situations escalate. I rotate the books on our shelves often, seeing the cover of a book seems to be more inviting. This week I decided to focus on the subject of the importance of our words and actions.

Highlighting Our Weekly Book Choices

Featured Books This Week

  • What Should Danny Do written by Ganit and Adir Levy
  • What Should Danny Do School Day written by Ganit and Adir Levy
  • What Should Darla Do written by Ganit and Adir Levy
  • I Don’t Want To Be Quiet written by Laura Ellen Anderson
  • You, Me and Empathy written by Janeen Sanders
  • Should I Share My Ice Cream written by Mo Willems
  • You Matter written by Christian Robinson
  • I’m Feeling Silly written by Natalie Shaw
  • How I Feel by Lovevery
  • Let’s Be Kind written by P.K. Hallinan

Not only is Lily a high energy child but she is also learning how to cope with having a younger brother. While being the older sibling brings a lot of positives, she has also had some difficulty with her younger brother getting attention or wanting to have the same toy she has. For a child, a sibling is a huge adjustment and I can completely understand the frustrations she is experiencing. My goal is to encourage her to find the best techniques to handle and cope with various situations. Books that let us explore situations and see outcomes based on choices have been so beneficial to us.

The series What Should Danny Do has been a huge success for us. There are three books in the series: What Should Danny Do, What Should Danny Do School Day and What Should Darla Do. Lily has become captivated with What Should Darla Do. The best part about this series is the outcome of the story is up to the child’s decision on how to handle a situation.

Most of the books featured on our shelf are linked in my Amazon store here, happy reading!

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