Fall Inspired Nature Activity

Fall has arrived, inspiring me to pull out comfy boots and sweatshirts while enjoying pumpkin everything! The crisp air has arrived and it still seems surreal we have reached September of 2020. Mentally I am stuck back in spring. It is safe to say this has been the longest yet fastest year. To introduce the season change, I invited the kids to take part in this fun, fall inspired activity. There is a great story about four year old mischief included in this post.

Fall Treasures

A morning nature walk is typical for our daily rhythm but today I invited Lily to see what treasures she could find. She loves collecting rocks and Ethan at 18 months loves rocks and pinecones. For this particular nature walk, I invited her to look for fall colors and told her we would setup a fun activity with the treasures she found. In no time she had a large variety of nature in her Keepsake basket. Once we got home, Lily picked out her favorite treasures and placed them in the ice cube tray. I then filled the tray with water and we placed in the freezer.

Next came the challenging part, waiting for the ice to freeze. Lily was so anxious to see her treasures frozen! Sensory play does not have to be expensive, wasteful or difficult. This activity I was able to put together last minute and we didn’t have to purchase or waste anything.

Once the ice was frozen I gathered everything to set up the activity and this is where the great four year old behavior happened.

You can call me Mrs. Grinch

I had pulled most of the items needed out and I thought about adding a drop of green liquid watercolor to the water. I figured this could add an extra element of sensory exploration. I set the ice cube tray, scoops, tongs and liquid watercolor on the table while I went to grab the container of warm water.

In the second it took me to turn and grab the container of water, Lily had opened the liquid watercolor and emptied the entire bottle all over the ice cube tray. THE ENTIRE BOTTLE. Sigh, the mischief this child enjoys. With Lily this mischief stems from a place of curiosity. We have always said she has an engineers mind and she just has to know how things work.

We cleaned the green liquid mess and the activity was spared but I opted to skip adding any color to the water. My hands had absorbed more than enough of the color for all of us.

What You Will Need

  • Ice cube tray
  • Nature treasures
  • Water
  • Cornstarch
  • Scoops and bowls

How To

The activity itself is very simply just skip the liquid watercolor, take it from me!

  1. Collect treasures and freeze them
  2. Add warm water to a large container
  3. Sprinkle in 1 tablespoon of cornstarch to create a milky liquid to explore
  4. Invite your children to add in the frozen treasures
  5. Scoop, pour, explore!

Fall Fun!

Green hands and all, we had a lot of fun with this activity and I hope that you do to! Follow along with us on Instagram and tag us (@playroomactivities) if you give this fall inspired nature soup a try! Happy playing.

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