Fall Sensory Bottle Activity

Fall is here and we are enjoying all the fall activities! Nature treasures have been a big hit in our house and I am a fan. I am enjoying the children connecting with nature and not being as consumed with materials. It has been rewarding to watch the kids collect items they find captivating and then use them in an activity. Our most recent activity was creating fall inspired sensory bottles. We made something similar to these in the spring and the kids really enjoyed them. Our morning started off with a nature walk collecting treasures to incorporate.

Sensory Bottle Benefits

Sensory bottles are great for children of all ages. Being full of curiosity, a sensory bottle is a great way for children to explore. Different fillers can be used inside the bottles for auditory and visual perception. Some examples of other fillers include: dried beans, rice, water beads, and liquids. Sensory bottles are referred to as various names such as calm down bottles, sensory jars, discovery jars and more. These bottles can be used to count objects inside, to focus on during a moment of big feelings, or as a great conversation about observations made. Also, a sensory bottle is a great alternative to the typical messy play sensory exploration.

What You Need

The best part about our nature inspired bottles is there is not much you need! We only use water with our nature treasures but in a traditional sensory bottle people often combine clear glue with water to create slower movement. For our fall sensory bottles we used:

  • Recycled bottle with the label removed
  • Freezer baggie for Ethan
  • Nature treasures
  • Bowl of Water
  • Scoops or cups

That is all! Zero extra cost and tons of fun. The adventure of finding the treasures is so exciting for little ones too. A tip if using a freezer baggie is to pour a little rubbing alcohol on a paper towel and wipe the writing off of the bag.

How To

  • Go on an adventure and find your treasures
  • Lay your fall treasures out on the table
  • Fill a large bowl of water
  • Provide items to scoop the water into the sensory bottle
  • Invite your child to fill their bottle of bag with treasures of their choice
  • Pour in water
  • Close container and enjoy!

Also, you can glue the lid on if you are concerned with your little one opening the sensory bottle. For Ethan I opted to use a bag to allow him more independence and exploration at the end. He was able to follow his sister’s lead and place the items inside his bag by himself and scoop the water in. He really enjoyed tapping the bag at the end and watching the items move around. It is reminiscent of jumping in puddles for me.

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