Halloween Activities For Kids

Finding alternative Halloween activities for kids to celebrate doesn’t have to be a negative. Kids don’t have to be disappointed with social distancing and cancelled trick-or-treating, this is an opportunity to explore new traditions. Here are some ways to make this Halloween one of the best ones yet.

Halloween Food Ideas

Charcuterie boards are all the rage for adults so why not create a Halloween Charcuterie board for your kids? This will be a great morning or midday option to add some excitement through out the day. I have never met a child who did not like snacks.

Halloween Charcuterie Board:

  • Festive Halloween Cookies– The cookies pictured are from Target
  • Ghost Bananas– Sliced Bananas with chocolate chip eyes and mouth
  • Mummy pouches– Toilet paper wrapped around a baby pouch and applesauce with googley eyes attached
  • A bowl of nuts– Something to balance out the sugar
  • Clementines– These make the perfect little pumpkins

Halloween Activities for Preschoolers

Incorporating Halloween activities in with your child’s preschool activities add excitement for the holiday. I have prepared and included three free Halloween printable activities.

You can DOWNLOAD these free Halloween themed printables here:

Halloween Sensory Play

Adding a fun and engaging sensory activity is a great option because sugar intake is always higher on Halloween. Fall and Halloween sensory play options are endless.

A few sensory activity suggestions are:

  • Witches’ Brew Potion Mixing
  • Dyed Chickpea “Cupcake Baking”
  • Pumpkin Picking
  • Organ Dig in Rice
  • Apple Stamp Pumpkins

For more details and ideas check out these blog posts:

  1. Fall Sensory Bins
  2. Fall Activity Checklist
  3. Fall Sensory Bottle
  4. Fall Inspired Nature Activity

Halloween Decorations

Think of unique setups that will take a toy from ordinary to extraordinary. A couple examples of Halloween inspired toy setups are:

  1. Ikea Dollhouse
  2. Haunted House built from Grimms Blocks
  3. Halloween inspired Shelf Rotation
Ikea Dollhouse:

The Ikea miniature dollhouse furniture was so much fun to create. To setup the house for our Maileg Mice, I used wooden block sets we own to make the furniture and then added a few accessories I found on Amazon to accessorize. Everything from the house is linked below.

Haunted House of Blocks

To create this Haunted House I used a combination of Grimms Sets.

  • Grimms Slopes
  • Grimms 1001 Nights
  • Grimms Large Stepped Pyramid
  • Grimms Large Standard Set
  • Grimms Stepped Roofs
  • Grimms Friends from 3 in 1 Boat
Halloween Shelf Rotation

We rotate our toy shelves weekly but this shelf being Halloween inspired made it extra exciting. It was fun to use our creativity to create pumpkins from blocks.

Halloween Costumes

We decided to utilize pretend play toys for Halloween Costumes this year. Our oldest, Lily, is into all things medical. She opted to dress up as a Dentist and our youngest we made a food truck to attach to our wagon. Our goal with costumes was to extend the life of them for more than just one night.

Food Truck Costume

To make the food truck I used recycled boxes. I attached a smaller box to the front of a large box. I used acrylic paint to add detail and then placed the Portable Kitchen in side the truck with my son. The pretend food used are Grapat Mandala loose parts and they are stored in a Maple+ Lark acrylic jar.

Dentist Costume

This was an easy costume to put together quickly. We opted for an outfit reminiscent of scrubs and added a mask. After 2020, who doesn’t have a mask laying around somewhere?

Both pretend play sets are from PlanToys

  • Dentist Set– This set is great for long term play because it incorporated fine motor skills removing teeth. The Dentist set also is useful to familiarize young children with common tools used at the dentist as well as an opportunity to communicate the importance of dental hygiene and cavities.
  • Portable Kitchen– This kitchen set was appealing to me because children love kitchens for pretend play but they occupy so much space. This set has a stovetop option as well as a grill and opens for easy storage of food supplies. The portable kitchen is the ultimate minimalist pretend play kitchen.

Both the Dentist Set and Pretend Kitchen were gifted to us by PlanToys.

Boo Basket

A Boo Basket is a fun little treat to set the tone of the day. I include a couple of our activity worksheets, a craft that can be completed independently and a few special treats.

Happy Halloween!

For more Halloween inspired activities, check out our Halloween Pinterest Board.

For a suggested list of other products check out Playroom Activities Amazon storefront .

I hope you find these tips helpful and find ways to make Halloween spooktacular! Happy playing!

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