15 + Fun Ways To Play With a Grimms Rainbow

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Why Grimms

Grimms as a company promotes open-ended and sustainable play resources. The quality of their products is top notch and they carefully follow safety testing standards to ensure the resources they produce are safe for the little hands that play with them. The toys are made with durable materials and minimal designs to allow the child’s imagination to transpire.

Each Grimms product is handmade and cut, making each piece unique. The natural occurring wood grains, knots and unique markings create an original heirloom quality toy for families. These toys are not something that will be viewed as disposable, they will become toys that grow with your children.

Is Grimms Worth It?

In my opinion the short answer is yes.

According to the Toy Association, in 2016 the average parent spent $6,500 on toys per child before the children even reached their teens. The study also revealed that the average American child would have 70-100 toys at any given time. How many of these toys end up hidden away in bins?

Grimms building sets, stacking rainbows and other toys are beautiful and open-ended. My four year old and one year old both play with the same toys meaning I don’t have to buy one set of toys for my toddler and another for my preschooler. Having open-ended resources allows for variety in play and for the toys to grow with your child.

The quality of the product and the respect that Grimms has for the environment in addition to their employees is also something to factor in. The amount of waste our society is making from plastic is huge and this is something we can all make small steps to reduce!

How Do You Stack It?

The best piece of advice is to practice. Figuring out how to balance the weight and get your arches to grip is huge. In the photos below, mastering the grip of the red arch was my biggest challenge. Once I was able to figure that out, my stacks really grew.

Just Play

When my daughter really got into playing with the rainbow, connecting the arches as circles was her favorite. This was a great way for her to familiarize herself with getting the pieces to grip and balance.

Incorporate Stacks Into Small World Play

Rainbow colors are inviting on their own, but once added into a fun stack they are hard to resist. Rainbow Stacks add a fun level of dimension to small world play. My daughter really enjoys decorating the stacks and balancing other resources on them as well.

The Progression of a Stack

In the photos below you will see my favorite base foundation for a stack. This is what works best for me and seems to be my go to. I will also mention, most of these stacks incorporate more than one rainbow.

The progression of a stack is typically:

  • Establish Base
  • Begin to expand and grow
  • Have a tiny toddler knock in over

I find it fun to take photos as the stacks grow and have a visual of the progression to then look back on.

Benefits of Stacking Rainbows

Stacking a rainbow is challenging at times but has many benefits. Creating a stack requires patience, perseverance, and focus. I find stacking as an adult very calming. Stacking requires me to slow down and focus my attention on what I am doing, also resulting in a slower breath. This is a perfect activity to practice mindfulness in my opinion. I also love that the toys my children have are inviting for me as an adult. Our Grimms sets encourage me to get down on the floor to build and play with my children.


The builds get crazy and silly but it all balances out. Grimms rainbows are fun for all ages. They are great for sorting by colors, creating tunnels for vehicles, stacking, creating ball runs and so much more.

Extra Tip

I find allowing space between the arches creates a pretty aesthetic once the stack is complete.

To view a time lapse video of a rainbow stack, you can click here to see an Instagram post I made at @playroomactivites. Happy playing!

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