10+ Big Gift Ideas for Toddlers and Preschoolers

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    Gift buying can feel overwhelming at times so I have curated a list of our favorite toys to simplify shopping! Click the affiliated links to shop directly from your home, car, office, or wherever you are. These gifts are open-ended and are great for a wide range of ages.

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    • Fathers Factory- playroom
    • Happy Monkey- Lauren10
    • Nature Based Toys- PLAY10
    • PlanToys- playroomactivities
    • Purple Panda Company- PLAY10

    Bauspiel Color Street 45 pc Set Happy Monkey $225

    These Bauspiel Color Street blocks are a beautiful addition to any play setup. The reflection from the gems is magical. Use the code Lauren10 for a special savings! (One time use code.)

    Guidecraft Unit Blocks 84 pieces Amazon $149

    A set of building blocks is my number one play suggestion. Blocks can be used to make anything; in addition they are a great way to tap into creative and imaginative play.

    Conifer Southland Stables Happy Monkey $217

    This stable is high on our list of wants! It is beautifully crafted and easy to assemble PLUS it is able to breakdown and store FLAT! This is huge for toy rotation and has always been the biggest setback to barns for me. The code Lauren10 will give you a special one time savings at Happy Monkey.

    Candylab Toys Happy Monkey

    The larger Candylab Toys cars are adored in our house. These have great weight and roll so nicely. Our personal favorites are Carbon 77, the Drifters, Runner, and Towie. Code Lauren10 for a one time savings offer at Happy Monkey.

    Holztiger Maple and Lark

    While the individual animals themselves might not be a big gift, who can stop at just one? These animals are perfect for small world play and organically learning about habitats.

    Maileg Maple and Lark

    Again, like Holztiger while individually these aren’t an overly expensive gift, purchasing a family is a great addition to any playroom! The details are incredible and once you hold them in your hands- you will fall in love. This is coming from someone that is very anti stuffed animals! Ha!

    Olli Ella Dinkum Dolls Happy Monkey $68.00

    The most precious dolls, both my one year old son and four year old daughter adore. Use the code Lauren10 for a one time savings at Happy Monkey.

    PlanToys Dollhouse Amazon $147.00

    A basic dollhouse is a great addition to a play space. This can be used for so many different play setups and we love to build our furniture out of blocks! Our Maileg Mice are often our dolls.

    Stuka Puka Wooden Puzzles Nature Based Toys

    Beautiful wooden puzzles are hard to find but Stuka Puka are beautiful. Realistic looking animals and varying layers. There are also lifecycle puzzles. For a special savings use PLAY10 at Nature Based Toys.

    WayToPlay Roads Purple Panda $82

    These Roads can be used both inside and out. In addition, they are easy to clean and bendable to follow variation in elevation. Use the code PLAY10 for 10% off.

    Wiwiurka Pikler WIWIURKA $295+

    A Pikler is great for Gross Motor Skills and has such a long play life! Babies can use them from birth (to create mobiles) all the way up to around 100 lbs. This is one of our most used items!

    Wooden Digital and Toy Cameras Fathers Factory

    Introducing photography and creative expression is easy with these cameras from Fathers Factory. The toy cameras come with a beautiful kaleidoscope lens and the working digital cameras come with a beautiful wooden shell. Use the code playroom for 10% savings.

    For more gift ideas, browse my Amazon Storefront or my stocking stuffer gift guide! Happy playing [and shopping!]

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