The Best Blocks For Toddlers

I strongly believe that blocks are the best resource for toddlers and preschool age children. Building blocks can be used in so many various ways and are great for development. The best blocks I have found for my 20 month old and 4.5 year old to use together are the Guidecraft Notch Blocks.

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    Why Are Notch Blocks The Best?

    If you have multiple children, you are probably familiar with the devastation that follows a build being destroyed by a younger sibling. The Guidecraft Notch Blocks have grooves and latch together creating a sturdy structure. These blocks are also huge, allowing for great building potential.

    What Makes Notch Blocks Unique?

    The Guidecraft Notch Blocks come with beautiful and durable concept cards. These cards give a visual to real structures and present ideas of builds to recreate. In addition to giving a visual, the concept cards also include corresponding words to help expand your child’s vocabulary.

    The size of these blocks are what make them stand out the most in our playroom. The kids cannot get enough and are constantly creating new forts to play in.

    Are They Hard To Use Or Store?

    The blocks are large but they stack away nicely. At first I was concerned with storage but I have quickly figured out these blocks are constantly in use! The durable builds allow for the structures to last. Also, when it is time to stay them away they do not take up that much room. There are a large number of the smallest block which could easily be stored in a basket.

    The kids caught on to building with the Notch Blocks very quickly. There are so many possibilities we have yet to repeat a build.

    Indoor and Outdoor Use

    These blocks are made from FSC certified eucalyptus wood and are safe for both indoor and outdoor play. It is recommended to store them in a cool and dry place, but feel free to take them outside.


    Guidecraft has been kind enough to partner with me to give you the chance to win a set of Notch Blocks! Each set comes with 89 pieces and is a $450.00 value! For more information, head over to my Instagram page and be sure to enter! The set of Guidecraft Notch Blocks shown in this article were generously gifted to us from Guidecraft.

    Happy playing!

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