10 Easy Christmas Activity Ideas For Toddlers and Preschoolers

‘Tis the season for excitement and fun! There are so many great craft ideas for toddlers and preschoolers to do over the Christmas season. Below are some of our personal favorite easy, fun and festive activities!

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    Pine Wreath

    This wreath is so simple! Send your little one on a scavenger hunt to collect pine or other greenery. We used our Zip Top storage containers to carry ours around. [gifted]

    What is needed:

    • Scraps of paper
    • Cardboard
    • Greenery
    • Glue

    How To:

    1. Cut a large circle out of an old piece of cardboard
    2. Cut out the inner portion of the circle and make a ribbon out of that piece
    3. Use scraps of recycled paper to glue on and decorate along with nature treasures.

    Holiday Snack Mix

    Festive snack foods are always fun and great practical life work for children. Again our Zip Top containers came in handy because they were perfect for portioning out measurements.


    • Chex Cereal
    • Mini Pretzels
    • White Chocolate Chips
    • M&Ms
    • Sprinkles
    • Peanuts
    • Marshmallows

    How To:

    1. Add chocolate chips to a sauce pan and melt the chips to a smooth consistency, stirring frequently
    2. Once smooth, drizzle over pretzels and Chex cereal.
    3. Add in marshmallows, peanuts, sprinkles, and M&Ms
    4. Enjoy!

    Grinch Soup Sensory Play

    This activity had the best fizzing reaction without having to use vinegar! The colors were so vibrant and the kids had such a blast. This easily is one of the best sensory bins we have made. To see this in action, check out the video here.


    • Water
    • Cranberries
    • Pine
    • Candy canes
    • Biodegradable Glitter
    • Green Liquid Watercolor


    • 1 Cup Baking Soda
    • 1 Cup Citric Acid

    Guidecraft Sand and Water Table

    Stick Tree Ornaments

    These are easy and require only items often found around the house.

    Items needed:

    • Cardboard
    • Sticks
    • Twine
    • Yellow Paper
    • Hot Glue

    How To:

    1. Collect sticks
    2. Gather scrap cardboard and cut into 3 inch long strips
    3. Break sticks and line them up biggest to smallest
    4. Cut out yellow stars
    5. Apply hot glue on 2/3 of the cardboard. Place your sticks smallest to largest starting from the top.
    6. Apply a dab of hot glue and the top and attach your loop of string
    7. Apply another dab of hot glue over the string and place the star on top
    8. Allow the glue to dry and then hang it on your tree

    Popsicle Stick Tree Ornaments

    My friend Shawna from the Instagram page Bubblesandbellylaughs posted this kid friendly ornament and it was too fun not to share! Be sure to check out her original post here along with tons of other great sensory activities.

    Items Needed:

    • Popsicle sticks
    • Glue
    • Pipe cleaners
    • Pom poms
    • Brown construction paper
    • Twine
    • Stars

    The wooden stars can be made out of construction paper or pipe cleaners also

    How To:

    1. Cut a few centimeters off one of the sticks and use that one as the bottom horizontal piece
    2. Glue the popsicle sticks together in the shape of a triangle
    3. Glue the star to the top of the tree
    4. Decorate your tree using the pipe cleaners and pom-poms
    5. Cut out a small rectangle from your brown construction paper and glue it to the bottom middle of the tree
    6. Create a loop with a piece of twine and glue it to the back top of the tree
    7. Let dry

    Decorate a Pinecone

    A great activity from my friend Paige on the Instagram page Teach.me.mom. This is a great fine motor activity for any age that is easy independent play, set up and clean up.

    Items needed:

    • Pine cone
    • Pom Poms

    How To:

    Invite your child to decorate a pine cone Christmas tree anyway they wish. This is a great little decoration to set out as well.

    Christmas Tree Stacker

    Another great idea from Paige over at Teach.Me.Mom. She used my air dry clay recipe to create this beautiful Christmas Tree Stacker. Such a great fine motor activity for children! Paige originally saw a stacker idea from @create_make_and_play and wanted to create her own version.



    • 1 Cup Baking Soda
    • 1/4 Cup Cornstarch
    • 3/4 Water

    HOW TO:

    1. Mix ingredients in a small pan
    2. Bring to a boil while stirring continuously
    3. Turn heat down to medium
    4. Continue stirring until it becomes too thick to stir (about 5 minutes)
    5. Transfer to a bowl and let it cool (be sure to let cool or it will be sticky)
    6. Roll out dough and use various size Christmas Tree Cookie Cutters
    7. Use a straw to create a hole
    8. Allow to dry 48 hours, flipping once halfway through
    9. Paint trees green
    10. Attach a small dowel to a round base with hot glue
    11. Attach a pipe cleaner (shaped into a ring) to the back of the star so it can slide on

    Tip: leave dough thicker and cut the hole larger than you think it needs to be to avoid breakage.

    Cinnamon Applesauce Ornaments

    These ornaments make your house smell amazing, are easy to make, and won’t hurt little ones if they break.

    Items Needed:

    • 2 Cups of Applesauce
    • 2 Cups of Cinnamon
    • A Straw
    • Twine
    • Cookie Cutters
    • Rolling Pin

    How To:

    1. Combine applesauce and cinnamon in a bowl, mixing to form a dough.
    2. Roll out dough. If it is sticky add more cinnamon. Aim for 1/4 inch of thickness
    3. Use Cookie Cutters to form your ornament shapes
    4. Use a straw to create a hole for your twin
    5. Bake at 200 degrees for 2.5 hours then allow to rest.
    6. Tie on twine and decorate your tree!

    DIY Birdfeeders

    The simplicity of this activity was great! My daughter adored making these and it was easy enough that she was fully independent (although supervised) which she loved! The kids have also really enjoyed seeing the birds and squirrels enjoy their treats.

    Items Needed:

    • 2 packets Knox Unflavored Gelatin
    • 2 Cups Birdseed
    • 3/4 Cup Water
    • Cookie Cutters
    • Straws
    • Twine

    How To:

    1. In a medium sauce pan, combine 3/4 Cup of water with 2 packets of Knox unflavored gelatin
    2. Heat and stir until gelatin is dissolved
    3. Stir in Birdseed and mix
    4. Spray cookie cutters with cooking spray and scoop mixture into cookie cutter molds, packing tightly
    5. Place a straw in form a hole for twine
    6. Allow molds to sit and harden for 2-3 hours or refrigerate.
    7. Place twine through the hole and then hang on a tree

    Letter To Santa

    You can never go wrong with sitting down and writing an old fashion letter to Santa. We happened to find a special mailbox near up that was sending letters straight to Santa!

    More About Zip Top

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    Happy playing!

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