5 Fun Ways to Use A Grimms Wooden Rainbow

A commonly seen wooden toy is the Grimms Wooden Rainbow. The question of how to use it can arise once it is in your play space. In this post I have five different ways you can diversify your wooden rainbow play!

Ways To Use A Grimms Rainbow


    Stacking Grimms Rainbows is a lot of fun for both children and adults. The photos below are stacks that I have made and ones that my children love to knock over. Both kids enjoy making their own, age appropriate and creative stacks and having their cars drive through them.

    The key to getting a rainbow to stack is figuring our how your rainbow arches will connect best. Grimms hand cuts each rainbow so no two rainbows are exactly the same however, following a photo is a great place to start if you are struggling on your own. For more Grimms Stacking ideas, check here.

    Ball Runs

    The arches are perfect to use as tracks for a ball runs. Grimms Rainbow arches also pair well with Building Boards, stacking to give a ball run height. If you are interested in more ball run ideas, check out this blog post on How to Create 15+ Fun Ball Runs For Kids


    Rainbows are always a feature item on a shelfie. They bring so much joy and spark creativity. My kids enjoy using them for so many different things each week and the visual aesthetic is always an added bonus.


    Open-ended toys present so many opportunities for use and the rainbow is no different. The rainbow arches are great for color recognition. They pair nicely with playsilks, in the second photo we were able to make a model of earth and talk about the different layers. For more information about our earth layer activity you can view our instagram post here. Allow yourself to be creative and there is nothing a beautiful rainbow can’t be!

    Small World Play

    Last but certainly not least is incorporating your rainbow into small world play. The arches make beautiful buildings, tunnels, caves, and more! The colors add so much fun to your play and make the play setups so inviting for your little ones.

    I hope this is beneficial and you enjoy playing with your rainbow! Happy playing!

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