Confidence Building Activities For Preschoolers

What is confidence? Confidence is a feeling or belief of being able to rely on someone or something. When we are young, we are fearless and ready to take on new challenges. As time progresses, we learn some situations can have negative outcomes and we become more hesitant. It is important to keep our children’s confidence levels high and their growth mindsets open!

Table of Contents

    Puzzles and Games

    Puzzles are great for problem solving in addition to building confidence. Children working on puzzles often use strategies such as sorting the pieces into piles by colors or edges and working towards accomplishing a larger goal. Once children accomplish their goal they have a feeling of great pride.

    The other day while Lily was completing this puzzle she said, “Mom, I can’t do it.” I told her I knew it was challenging but we could start but sorting the pieces by edge pieces and center pieces. The second photo you see below is Lily beaming with pride as she has realized she could in fact do it.

    It is easy to give in and do something for a child, but instead I try to focus on observing and letting my children work through some frustration. I will then give suggestions and interject some ideas or we can work together. I cannot build my children’s confidence if I am constantly doing everything for them. I need them to recognize they are capable!

    If you are looking for great puzzles, memory games and more check out Little Likes Kids! I have some of our favorites linked under Games in our Amazon Storefront.

    Positive Affirmation and Mindfulness

    Positive Affirmations are a beautiful thing to add into your daily routine. We repeat daily:

    “You are safe, you are loved, you are comfy”

    These affirmations naturally came about but we can ask our daughter at any time what three things are you and she will tell us those. We also have affirmation cards from Bloom and Bliss that are a beautiful visual. I love to incorporate activities of mindfulness into our day and homeschool lessons as well.

    For another blog with more on affirmations and mindfulness including free printables, click here.


    Reading is powerful for so many reasons but there are great books to build confidence. There is so much knowledge to gain, curiosity to spark and adventure to seek when reading. Lily is a big fan of so many books but some of her favorite confidence boosting books are:

    1. I Like Myself
    2. Her Body Can
    3. The Not-So-Perfect Princess and The Not-So-Dreadful Dragon
    4. Resilience
    5. You Belong Here
    6. What Should Darla Do

    Time in Nature

    Time to run free and play in nature is the a great way to build confidence and imagination. There is so much to explore and see without a lot of limitation. The ability to have freedom and independence allows self-confidence to develop. You might also enjoy reading my other post The Simply Joys Of Nature.

    There will always be obstacles and hurdles in life but finding ways to overcome them is key. These are skills we begin learning at a young age. As parents we want to build our children up and it is our job to watch over them, but not do it for them. Let us raise a generation of confident and independent individuals! Happy playing!

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