How To Start Your Composting Journey

If you asked anyone if I would have a compost system a couple of years ago, they would have laughed at you. Today, here I sit, loving my Subpod composting bin! Lily asked about a year ago if we could compost. I posted on Instagram stories to see if anyone had tips because when a 4 year old asks, you obviously find a way to make it happen! After some research I found out there were worms involved and I got intimidated and brushed it off for a while.

Fast forward a few months and as a family we really started making progress to lower our waste. As we got more into plastic free and low waste, I came across Subpod and was so intrigued with how easy the system appeared. (It truly is easy!)

Getting Started

Setting up the system was really easy! The bin itself snaps together and it is best to place it in a raised flower bed. We added a bit of coconut coir into the compost bin where we would place our worms. We started with 2000 red wrigglers. Believe it or not the worms aren’t that bad! You place them in the bin and really do not have to touch them. They bury themselves in the soil. Try not to let them deter you from getting started!

A common mistake is to overfeed the worms in the beginning. The worms are in shock when they are first moved to a new home and need to adjust. The first week they do not eat much. We started off with rice and found that to be very easy!

Also, we balance the pH of the soil by adding carbon in addition to food. Each time we add a handful of food, we also add a small handful of paper scraps or cardboard ripped into small pieces.

Benefits for Children

The kids have enjoyed our compost system so much. Rain or shine, they are ready to help me! It has been great to teach accountability, responsibility, and appreciation.


The children are more aware of the process in which our food breaks down. Seeing this process helps them begin to understand the importance of not wasting food.


Everyone gets so excited to check on the worms! They know we have to make sure that the worm blanket is moist, carry out the compost scrap container, and stir the soil. It is amazing to see the kids light up. They actually love it so much we made a sensory play activity about composting.


The whole experience enhances their appreciation to nature as well. I love watching them get excited to run outside and dig in the dirt, play with worms and take care of the environment at the same time. So often we spend so much time inside and forget to get outside and connect with nature!

More Time Outside

As adults, we love to be outside on those perfect weather days, but children love any weather. However I find they especially love rainy weather. We got this MK Nordika rainwear because just look at those faces! After all, rainy and muddy weather is the best time for worms!

Is The Soil Better Around the Subpod?

The soil around the Subpod is great for gardening. The soil is nutrient rich, because the worms will move in and out of the bin and deposit their waste into the soil, just as nature intended!

How’s it Going?

So far, it is going well! We have a lot of worms that seem happy, the food is breaking down and we are keeping the worm blankets moist. I’d love to answer any questions you might have, feel free to follow our composting journey and more on Instagram!

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