Three Easy Earth Day Activities For Children with Free Printables

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Earth Day is something I don’t just celebrate once a year but instead is something I aim to incorporate into our daily life. In this post I will include some of our favorite books and eco friendly changes our family has made. Additionally I have three easy earth day printables that are perfect for little ones!

Favorite Children’s Books

Reading to children is a great opportunity to introduce and explore new topics. I really enjoy children’s books that are factual but are also captivating for young readers. Some of my favorite earth related children’s books are:

  1. My Friend Earth is a beautifully illustrated and poetic book that tells the story of all the amazing things Earth does to care for the land, animals, and more.
  2. Alba and the Ocean Cleanup is a beautiful story from the perspective of Alba the fish and what happens to her community as the ocean gets filled with plastic and trash.
  3. Slow Down is a nature-focused book with mindful stories to slow and settle your child.
  4. Compost Stew introduces the idea of composting through a fun story and also works on letter recognition.
  5. The Wonders of Nature is a beautiful book that incorporates so many interesting facts from items found all over nature!

Eco Friendly Changes

We have been a mostly wooden toy family for about three years now but as I became more invested in the community I learned so much more. There was more to the world of wooden toys than just the open- ended play, there was also the benefits for the environment. I began to learn more about plastics and micro-plastics, the differences in clothing materials and the list goes on. Some of the big changes we have made this year are.

  1. Began Composting
  2. Eliminating single use paper towels
  3. Cutting back on plastic in our home

The company Subpod makes a great composting system. I was a novice and it has been so easy to follow through, the kids love helping too! Who knew we would have so much fun with this process?

Eliminating single use paper towels has been a little harder on my husband than it has been on me. My mom was also certainly shocked when she came to visit. We have been using Swedish dish cloths in place of paper towels. Zip Top for reusable baggies and leftovers.

Plastics are everywhere and sadly once they are produced, they will never full break down. Those little facial bead exfoliants in face wash, did you know those are micro-plastics that end up in the ocean? Traditional glitter is also a micro-plastic what will never break down. Here are a couple products that we have found and love.

  • The Earth Therapeutics Super Loofah has been great since cutting out the face washes with exfoliating beads in them.
  • Glitter Eco Lovers biodegradable glitter was a great Amazon find! A great alternative to traditional glitter but still something fun to give kid’s craft activities that extra something.
  • HiBar shampoo and conditioner has been amazing! We even use it on the kids. Converting to a bar of shampoo eliminates so much product waste and it really lasts a long time.

Children’s Earth Day Activities

Below are two different downloads with 3 free earth day printables. Also, here is a link to an animal rescue sensory post talking about pollution using Aquafaba.

Happy playing and happy Earth Day!

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