Cardboard DIY Popsicles

We recently started a special “late night Friday” with our four year old daughter. We noticed she was craving solo time with us and a special night would give my husband and myself an opportunity to engage in age appropriate activities with her without the concern of our our one year old while doing so.Continue reading “Cardboard DIY Popsicles”

Let’s Dive Into The Ocean

Curiosity is at an all time high in this house! My four year old has all the questions and even when I provide an answer, it is still often followed with WHY? I am thankful for our library of books to feed her curiosity! One of our favorite units was our ocean unit. We exploredContinue reading “Let’s Dive Into The Ocean”

Easy Rainbow Rice Recipe That is Vinegar Free

Rainbow rice is so much fun and can be reused time and time again. Our first batch of rainbow rice lasted at least a year. It reached the point of not being able to take the smell any longer, I kept waiting for it to wear off but that never happened. For our newest batchContinue reading “Easy Rainbow Rice Recipe That is Vinegar Free”