Three Easy Earth Day Activities For Children with Free Printables

Earth Day is something I don’t just celebrate once a year but instead is something I aim to incorporate into our daily life. In this post I will include some of our favorite books and eco friendly changes our family has made. Additionally I have three easy earth day printables that are perfect for littleContinue reading “Three Easy Earth Day Activities For Children with Free Printables”

The Importance of Reading to Children

Reading books is an important part of our daily rhythm and everyday learning. We follow a mostly play-based learning style and the concepts my oldest has grasped from books always amazes me. Reading offers a number of benefits for children including vocabulary building, knowledge of the world around them and different cultures, developing imagination, andContinue reading “The Importance of Reading to Children”

Back To School

This year is different for so many, our family included. Lily attended an amazing play based preschool last year. She loved her school days full of sensory play and positivity but they made the decision not to open this year due to COVID. I had already decided we were going to venture into homeschooling beforeContinue reading “Back To School”

DIY Water Play

Living in North Carolina we experience a decent amount of heat making water play a must throughout the summer. We love to spend time outside and this is the easiest way to make sure the kids are cool while doing so. I have contemplated a mud kitchen for a while but have gone back andContinue reading “DIY Water Play”

Bookish Play

For the longest time while reading to Lily it was more like reading to myself out loud. Lily is full of energy and even as a toddler was so busy running that she did not want to sit through a story. However knowing the importance of reading, we continued reading even if it was likeContinue reading “Bookish Play”

Four Easy Questions To Ask Yourself When Starting A Toy Collection

Ready to dive into a glorious world of beautiful, sustainable and environmentally-friendly toys? Perfect, welcome to the club! I have got tips for you on our favorite first sets that are safe for little hands, and where you can find them. Transitioning from a standard toy collection can feel overwhelming. It is hard to knowContinue reading “Four Easy Questions To Ask Yourself When Starting A Toy Collection”