DIY Water Play

Living in North Carolina we experience a decent amount of heat making water play a must throughout the summer. We love to spend time outside and this is the easiest way to make sure the kids are cool while doing so. I have contemplated a mud kitchen for a while but have gone back andContinue reading “DIY Water Play”

What Is An Invitation To Play?

Does a child really need an invitation to play? Well, we aren’t sitting down addressing envelopes but a child is still learning how to play. Simplifying their play options can help ease them into a deeper concentration. What is an invitation to play? According to TeachPreschool, “Simply stated, an invitation to play is arranging theContinue reading “What Is An Invitation To Play?”

Three Easy Reasons To Choose Wooden Toys

There is a small underground world of moms that are constantly on the hunt for wooden toys, until you dive into the rabbit hole it can be hard to understand. Why do I love wooden toys so much you might wonder, well hopefully this post can clear up some of those questions. Reasons I preferContinue reading “Three Easy Reasons To Choose Wooden Toys”


I am embarking on a completely new journey – blogging! Those that know me can confirm I am very chatty! Even in high school, when my history teacher was assigning new seats, he said “Oh Lauren, I can either sit you next to your best friend where you will talk all the time, or… IContinue reading “Welcome!”